I see you, tired parent. Part 2

3. Eating should be easy, right?

Well… sometimes. Perhaps your little is having trouble with breast milk, or a certain type of formula, or has a reaction to a pureed food, maybe even a finger food. You will figure it out and you will be the very best advocate for your baby’s nutrition. Trying to discern what works and what doesn’t when feeding your baby is a daily struggle at times. Remember that often it takes up to three times of introducing a food to your little before they decide they like it. Truth be told, there are a couple of things that my son would not eat until he was in his teens!

It’s not…

I was raised to eat what was served or wait until the next meal to eat.  This didn’t work for me as a child and it still doesn’t today. There are some foods that just do not sit well on my stomach. Okra is one of them. I was either four or five the first-time fried okra was set in front of me to eat. I ate it, it came up. My stepmother was angry as all get-out and set another plate in front of me. I don’t remember what happened after that, but it wasn’t enjoyable. Another time, my grandmother gave me a plate of food to eat that had something I did not like the texture of. I was told that I couldn’t get up from the table until I had finished my plate of food. I sat at the table -alone- for a long long time until finally my grandmother realized that I would rather go to bed hungry.

Understandably, I am a huge advocate for not making your children eat something they don’t like. Of course, always coax them to try new foods! Fighting over food should not happen, but neither should you becoming a short-order cook. It’s easy to plan meals that each of your family members will eat and enjoy which creates better mealtimes and less stress on you. I promise, one of these days your picky eater will start eating something that they refused to touch their entire lives and you will about fall to the floor in shock! Then you will laugh, and all will be fine. 😊

4. The clothing war is a real war!

The day that I found out I was having a boy, I had visions of picking out clothing for him without having a daily all-out war like many of my friends. Wow. I was not prepared for the three-year-old boy that did not want me to pick out his clothes. I wanted to dress him in plain t-shirts with a button up shirt (unbuttoned) thrown over the t-shirt and blue jeans or khaki shorts. He wanted athletic shorts and a hoodie. I wanted him to have a lesser version of prep style and he wanted anything, and everything relaxed. I would grab one style of tennis shoe; he would grab another. By the time he was going into kindergarten, he picked out every stitch of clothing he wore. I just had to decide to let it go. (Way before Elsa told me to!) No more war! Well, about that anyway.

Speaking of fighting a three-year-old, I encourage you to give your preschool child two (but no more than three) choices of whatever it is you are asking them to do. Choices will be your friend, my friend! I PROMISE! Preschoolers are supposed to be developing their own likes, dislikes, preferences, and ideas but the way it comes out can create the opposite of celebrating those developmental milestones.

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