What’s with all the coffee?

Dr Pepper is my go-to drink choice over coffee any time!

Blogging = Coffee. At least that is what I notice first when I visit blogging sites. There it is, soft morning light, open laptop, possibly a pen and paper, and then yep…. right there, coffee.

Classic Blog Pic

You might be a coffee drinker. You might even be a coffee aficionado, but I can’t stand the stuff! I might be one of the very few people on the face of the earth that feels that way but I’m sorry, not sorry. 😊

I’ve long wondered why someone would choose to drink something so incredibly bitter, however I can understand that some palates prefer bitter. That said, I am amazed at the number of people that load “stuff” into their coffee to make it less bitter, essentially making it more like a dessert. Why not just get a dessert?? To each their own and I support all my unique friends who like all the frou-frou coffee drinks.  I promise, I don’t love you any less.

Coffee Mug

What is my go-to drink?

If you don’t know me, you may be asking. If you do know me, you are yelling at the computer right now. lol

Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper is my jam. It’s my elixir of life every morning! (sad FYI fact: Disney World and Disney Land do not carry Dr Pepper.  They believe that Mr Pibb (Coca-Cola) is an acceptable trade off. It is not, Disney. Smh)

Wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper too?

Featured is a tin sign from the Dr. Pepper Soda Company with a gorgeous woman on it.  The sign says Dr. Pepper will give you “Vim, Vigor, Vitality” and the drink is “Free From Caffeine”.   This sign is very early and hard to find.  Circa 1895.

I was introduced to Dr Pepper by my grandmother way back when I was about seven. She kept ordering me Root Beer to drink when we would go out, but one time she caved to my begging to try HER drink.

The clouds parted. Heavenly music began playing.

Rainbows appeared all around me.

Actually, no, I just completely fell in love with the flavor of Dr Pepper. It hit me in the feels, and I’ve been feelin’ it ever since. Also, no, it does NOT contain prune juice. It never has. 😊

Forrest is chugging a Dr Pepper! From the movie Forrest Gump

The Dr Pepper Snapple Group has the following information: a young pharmacist, named Charles Alderton, in Waco, Texas invented the drink in 1885, making it the oldest major soft drink in the United States! It originated at Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Store where the first Dr Pepper fans asked for a “Waco”; it was later named Dr Pepper.

Follow this link for a fun look at the historical timeline and advertising logo changes over the centuries!


I like my Dr Pepper from a can or fountain with lots of ice.  I’ve met fellow Dr Pepper lovers that prefer it out of a bottle. I don’t really care how my beloved tribe likes to drink theirs if they are enjoying it as much as I enjoy mine.

In honor of this first blog post dedicated to the oldest amazing delicious soft drink in the USofA, I will have fun taking new photos for my blog and social media pages that show not one drop of coffee anywhere near. (unless I’m having a guest who likes to drink coffee then I may show a tiny corner of their mug out of love for them. Lol)

Dr. Pepper is a better choice for me than coffee! BTW, love that West sun!
Gotta go get some pebble ice! BRB.

Tell me, what is your favorite waking up, writing, relaxing, cooling off beverage? Let me know in the comments below!